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Francesco has worked on numerous projects in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and currently works at Mellini Art Glass and Mosaics located in Florence, Italy, a long established studio workshop. 
Francesco JR Lim Professional Stained Glass Mosaic master Painter - Francesco accomplished the classical techniques that had vanished after World War II and combined with modern techniques. 
  Well-made stained glass practically lasts a lifetime.  The most luxurious exterior/interior decoration that exists is the mosaic.
Stained glass is an everlasting artwork that does not discolor or deform by UV sunlight or drastic temperature changes. What makes the mosaic most beautiful is that it's created as one piece by putting colorful smalti (small pieces of opaque glass used to make mosaic), gold and silver pieces together.
The best characteristic of stained glass is its brilliant colors produced by light penetrating the multifaceted pieces of glass. The impression it delivers is unforgettable. 


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